Recruitment Specialists Helping You Maximize Your Return on Investment

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Expert Recruitment specialists can help solve any company's falling profits by adding calculated and strategic talent to their team. While the factors of a downward economy plague us - there are certain verticals within a business that are often over looked because they are not typical revenue generating steams and don't fit the classic sales cycle.

Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain are examples of departments that are often overlooked yet when fully utilized are directly accountable for putting money back onto your bottom line. In other words, a dollar saved is a dollar earned where typically a dollar sold is 20 cents earned. Sounds easy right? Anyone can do it right? Wrong. Procurement and supply chain professionals are highly skilled negotiators that strategically look for cost saving, quality improvement opportunities that often double your initial ROI saving two or three fold in equivalent salary alone. Procurement's value in an organization is being recognized more than ever and competition for top procurement talent is at an all-time high.

That is why it is so important to partner with an expert recruitment specialist to help locate the right talent to create that winning team. Once the vision is set and the skill set of that team defined - it becomes much easier to build your rooster. Top executive rely heavily on their external recruitment partners to help that visionary team come to life. Specialists vs. generalists are the way to go - do you want a recruiter or an industry expert? A jack of all trades OR a master in one? The answer in this case would be a procurement & supply chain industry recruitment specialist.

The values:

  • Better ability to qualify the skills available and how best to fill those specialty profiles you are looking for
  • A focused, defined and targeted approach
  • Better Networked and has presence (more often then not) in industry related associations/events
  • Market intelligence in specialty vertical
  • Specialist firms will know the language of their specialty area, the current trends, your competitors and the major players in the industry
  • Quicker and fast response times

    And by hiring the right the first time around - you have just saved again - huge amounts of time! Specialty recruiters have their fingers on the pulse of the Who's -who in their specialty verticals. The quality of the candidates a recruiter brings and the number of hires is the best way to evaluate a recruiter's value. And that is often closely related to how much the recruiter specializes in procurement or supply chain specifically. Compromising on talent is not an option in today's fast and ever changing corporate environment with demand high and supply at an all time low - specialty recruiters give you the edge and insight to build that winning team faster!

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Recruitment Specialists Helping You Maximize Your Return on Investment

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This article was published on 2010/03/31